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LGBTQ+ Counselling

Rainbow Counselling SW is a safe, affirmative and understanding counselling space for LGBTQ+ people in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. For the past 3 years I have enjoyed working with many LGBTQ+ people. From this work, further training and my own personal experience, I have developed a better understanding of the challenges of living in a hetero-normative culture.



Couple with their Baby
Gay Pride Celebrations

To expand my understanding I decided to undertake further training to earn me a Certificate of Study: Advanced Practitioner from Pink Therapy. It is important to say that this does not make me an expert in anyone's experience of being LGBTQ+. Instead, it allows me to listen and understand each individual's experience, with respect and awareness.

I also really welcome family members and friends who may not themselves identify as LGBTQ+, but would like to explore their own understanding and feelings around gender and sexuality.

Does being LGBTQ+ have to be a presenting issue for me to have counselling with you?

Not at all. Being LGBTQ+ needn't be what brings you to counselling. I support people with many different issues that are unrelated to gender, sexuality and relationship diversities (GSRD). Sometimes it is just reassuring to know the counsellor you are talking to is affirmative and respectful of diversity, and that you can speak easily and openly without any part of yourself being unexpected or judged.

Be You
Young Gay Couple

Do I have to be LGBTQ+ to have counselling with you?

Again, not at all. I support people from all walks of life, with many different challenges. Rather than exclude anyone based on their identity, I just want to put an extra big shiny sign above the door to say welcome to those with an identity that might not always be fully seen and appreciated. Rainbow Counselling SW is an open and inclusive space for everyone.

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